Dear lord when I get to heaven please let me bring my man


The last weeks and particularly the latest days have been deep transformative for me. I´ve been extremely tired after everything that´s happened, and those days when I haven´t worked I´ve slept a lot. Like 11 hours per night and then also fallen asleep in the middle of the day. During those days I´ve wished I had a recorder to tape everything that has happened and transfer it directly to the blog without having to write. I would have liked to share those mysterious happenings with readers. I hope that I will have the energy soon to do that.
I´ve had many incidents with synchronicity that has affected me deeply. I´ve always seen myself as a skeptical spiritual person. It takes a while for me to understand that something happens to me which is impossible to explain with the rational mind.
It´s always a battle between the rational and the intuitive within me . This time I´ve completely capitulated for the intuitive.
To put it short. I had a very strong feeling that I was heading in the wrong direction but I chose to ignore it. Because of both fear from the unknown and laziness I would say. When I made this choice it was as if the Universe with thunder and flashes put together a whole army to show me that I was heading in the wrong direction and that I´ve recently made some bad choices. Strange coincidences and synchronizing events happened to me.
Dear Universe, from now on I will not ignore the signals that you send me! I can´t promise that I will never fall victim again of my ego and fear of the unknown and un walked paths, but I will make the biggest effort to see and hear better those things that the rational immediately rejects.
Today I want to post a video here that affects me a lot. I´ve been thinking about the planet Neptune a lot lately. I think that we have some unfinished business together. That’s the only explanation that I have. I think it´s a part of me that I have to work with.
Neptune is the love and art planet. Music and dance. Now you might say – no that is Venus! Yes Venus also. Neptune and Venus are related to each other. But Neptune is a deeper version of Venus.
Neptune is connected to the oceans of the world. The deep and unknown. That captures the feeling of Neptune. Venus love is more on the surface, charm and beauty.
The oceans are mysterious ,beautiful and it´s hard for us humans to know what´s in them. But if we want to connect to our deeper self it´s necessary for us to dive into that ocean. If we want to experience deep love. Remember also that water is the “healing” element.
We can choose to stay on a Venus level of love but where will this lead us in the long run?
I think that when Neptune is trying to connect to us it will do so in small and indirect manners. Whispers, intuitive moments and signs that are barely noticeable. This is what I think happened to me the last weeks, but my contact with Neptune has been very bad, so I got those signs more like sirens actually :P
Lana Del Rey is an artist that really has a Neptunian aura, her music, style and whole artistry is very Neptunian I think. Deep, mysterious and beautiful…
Will you still love me when I´m not young and beautiful?
Almost all her songs speak to a deeper part of me.

Speak your mind and heart! We´re in Gemini.

mercury bild

Hi there! :) Now I suffer from a ”Gemini split again” To have a split personality and knowing that you will probably not get rid of that ever is a horrible feeling. I just have to work on it. The good thing with this is that you can also be extremely adaptable to changes. I think the two goes together somehow. Something else that I appreciate a lot about being a Gemini is that I have a huge stock of different personalities from where I can choose one appropriate for whatever funny situation life puts me in. Yes that´s where the adaptability comes in I guess…sorry today I am very tired. Just writing down random stuff :P
Summer has arrived in Stockholm and that is not an astrological thing but it must be said so that you know that I´m not lazy when I don´t write. It´s just that when you live in a country with only four months of summer you have to try to catch those few sun beams while they are available.
I´ve been thinking about if I should only write informative posts here on the blog or also personal thoughts sometimes. Definitely mainly informative. But I also enjoy being personal, we´ll see…
I have a very dear friend that has been very helpful to me in pointing out misspellings here on the blog. In the previous post there were some really funny ones that I will try to correct this evening. I´m just glad when people help me with the spelling. Jeeesus…now it´s there again the green underscore, so now I´ve done something wrong again..:P
My goal is to write a post here 2-3 times a week. In the Winter I will probably write more :D
I ordered my business cards this weekend so I´m looking forward to receiving them. Also now there is only one weekend left on the Astrology course. Finished for this Semester. I´ve learned so much more! – And I´m happy :D
The Sun has now entered Gemini, actually I would say we have a cluster of planets in Gemini. Jupiter has been there for a long time now but not Mercury and Venus.
Now is really the time to speak your mind! Or should I say speak you heart instead!? Yes! Venus and Mercury in Gemini makes it easier for us to open our heart. Maybe you feel an urge to tell somebody what you really feel. Follow the instinct! There is a great possibility you will get awarded, and the words may come easier to you. Or write it down! Just communicate! Mercury (communication) is in its own sign. It´s also an excellent time to spread messages, to get your message out whatever it might be and to whom it might be. Isn´t it great then that there´s so many parties and celebrations in May and June! (At least here in my little outpost of Scandinavia) Time to mingle!
Look at the picture…I didn´t know that Mercury (the god) had wings on his head also. I think it might mirror the flying and lightweight thoughts of the Gemini spirit. Or the fact that the mind is always free. At least if you´re a Gemini. What do you think?

Venus in Capricorn – For Linda

Capricorn on the top of the mountain where it belongs.

Linda Lindblad sent me her birthdata to check her Venusposition. Here it comes…

Venus in Capricorn.

You have a practical and serious approach to love and relationships. You want to do and create something lasting with your partner. If not marriage so atleast something that you build together. A project maybe. Capricorn is the “climber” of the zodiac – So also in love. That’s why you want to create something lasting. When you meet someone you may first check the persons ambitions and goals. Too see if the person is worth investing in. You can be attracted to ambitious persons and people with material status. Or just successful people in general. You´re not that into one night stands. People with no substance and all glitter is not your style. You are a grounded and earthly person.
Your style is a little bit old fashioned and you want to make sure that the aim for your love is worth investing in.
Although you like things to grow over time you are often the dominant person that are “leading” and pushing the relationship forward. – That also again is an expression of your urge to “build”.
In both business and love people become attracted to you because of your drive – we all know that ambitions can be very attractive ;) You are no very expressive and flirty, what is sexy about you is your independence and patience to work hard to get what you want. You have an “aura” of coolness around you, you don´t seem easily bought and that can attract many. You can also be witty and have a black sense of humour.
In sex I don´t think you are the adventurous type, more the traditional way..but here you also have to look at other aspects in the horoscope.
You don´t necessarily have to hang with the most successful person as long as the person have goals you are satisfied.
Your creative skills are suitable for all kind of organization and business activities. You are very structured and that makes you excellent in those areas. The truth is that Capricorn is not a very creative sign, but with Venus involved there is always a creative expression that needs to be canalized somewhere.
Your aim for attraction need to have a bit patience with you, but when you´re on the hook you´ll probably stay there for a while – on the positive ;)
What do you think about this Linda? Honestly. I am still a student after all :D

Venus in your chart. Send me your birthdata and I´ll give a free analysis!

venus födelse

Venus is what we Astrologers call a “personal planet”. That means it has a big impact on the personality in the birth horoscope. This week I will give you the opportunity to send me your birth data and I will give you a free analysis of your Venus placement and how it affects your personality. The first 3 people who answers. E-mail me or write as a comment – your birthdata and name. I need time of birth, country, city and date.
Venus in your chart shows what you enjoy most in life, in which areas you find pleasure, it also shows the areas where you have the most talent – naturally those areas are the fields that you enjoy the most because those two goes hand in hand usually. Where Venus is in your chart shows a field where you have great possibilities to succeed. It also shows areas where you are creative.
And yes Venus is the planet of love and sex! ;) So the planets placement shows how you want your relationship to be, which “style” of relationship you appreciate and also how you want your partner to give love and sex. It shows which kind of sex/lovemaking you prefer. How you want your partner to express love and sex.
Not how you want to give love – that shows Mars in your chart. Another interesting planet…
It can be very useful to know your Venus placement, because of the fact that it gives a hint of your talent.
Go ahead! Send me your birthdata! but I prefer if you write in the commentfield.