Scorpio times and full moon in Taurus. Obsession possession

Mice and men

If you love somebody set them free.

Scorpio times and full moon in Taurus tomorrow Nov 17th. I´ve seen in my near environment power struggles and frustration the last couple of days. I´ve also seen problems concerning money. Scorpio rules others money, and Taurus your own possessions, among those…money :p
Yes there are common traits between the opposite signs Scorpio and Taurus. Both Scorpio and Taurus energy can turn controlling and possessive if not channeled correctly. Taurus possessivness is mainly expressed through the need to control material possessions, but Taurus energy can also turn into jealousy and possessivness in relationships, all depending on how you see the people in your relationships- as humans simply, or as material possessions.
Scorpios need for control, when in unbalanced state, is residing more on the psychological level then the material. The control of emotions, since Scorpio is a watersign – emotions.
These are also passionate times, although the full moon is in earthly Taurus, the sun is still in passionate Scorpio. Passion is good as long as we keep away from possessive behavior. When we believe in the illusion that we own something and can control it, it easily turns into obsession. What we have to realize is that we really don´t own anything, especially not people. You can think that u own material things and the “things” won´t care because they don’t have emotions and they don’t care if u think that u own them or not, but as soon as you think u own somebody or that you have the ability to control someone or a situation in a relationship you´ve slowly started killing the love. Love is an energy , it needs to circulate. It can´t be controlled, it will die then.
Anyone who´ve seen the great and famous movie (a book from the beginning) “Mice and Men” knows what love and controlling acts can do to people and situations when it´s mixed up. Although this is an a little bit extreme example I´d like to use it.
Lennie in the movie is a goodhearted but mentally disabled man who has a thing (a strong thing) for stroking soft things, so whenever he sees something that appears soft to him he has a strong impulse to stroke it. Not at all in a sexual way though. But this urge of him puts him in many difficult situations and even deathly (Scorpio) in the end. (Sorry for ruining the movie now if you haven’t seen it :P) One incident for example: He meets a woman with a beautiful dress very appealing for him to stroke. The woman tells him that he can also stroke her hair if he´d like to. He does that but then she tells him to stop because she thinks he is only messing up her hair. But Lennie doesn´t understand easily because of his handicap. She starts screaming in panic and this makes Lennie even more scared and in panic over making her to stop scream it ends with him killing her, breaking her neck in desperation and confusion. A very sad and touching story.
These Scorpio and Taurus times made me think of this movie, themes like love, death, control and also confusion. For Lennie desperate acts of trying to take control of situations finally killed what he loved. What I want to say is that fear and control is always, always related. The fear of losing control can drive people to the most insane acts weather they are mentally disabled or not.
During this full moon think about what your relationship to possessions are. What is possessions for you and how do you value them. Do you let material possessions own you or do they serve you?
Do you let the love in your relationships flow freely or do you try to control the flow? Scorpio times are times of metamorfos (transformation). Remember that the butterfly was first a caterpillar.
You can also meditate over the lyrics in this song of M. Carey


“When you love someone so deeply
They become your life
It’s easy to succumb to overwhelming fears inside
Blindly I imaged I could
Keep you under glass
Now I understand to hold you
I must open my hands
And watch you rise”

Dear lord when I get to heaven please let me bring my man


The last weeks and particularly the latest days have been deep transformative for me. I´ve been extremely tired after everything that´s happened, and those days when I haven´t worked I´ve slept a lot. Like 11 hours per night and then also fallen asleep in the middle of the day. During those days I´ve wished I had a recorder to tape everything that has happened and transfer it directly to the blog without having to write. I would have liked to share those mysterious happenings with readers. I hope that I will have the energy soon to do that.
I´ve had many incidents with synchronicity that has affected me deeply. I´ve always seen myself as a skeptical spiritual person. It takes a while for me to understand that something happens to me which is impossible to explain with the rational mind.
It´s always a battle between the rational and the intuitive within me . This time I´ve completely capitulated for the intuitive.
To put it short. I had a very strong feeling that I was heading in the wrong direction but I chose to ignore it. Because of both fear from the unknown and laziness I would say. When I made this choice it was as if the Universe with thunder and flashes put together a whole army to show me that I was heading in the wrong direction and that I´ve recently made some bad choices. Strange coincidences and synchronizing events happened to me.
Dear Universe, from now on I will not ignore the signals that you send me! I can´t promise that I will never fall victim again of my ego and fear of the unknown and un walked paths, but I will make the biggest effort to see and hear better those things that the rational immediately rejects.
Today I want to post a video here that affects me a lot. I´ve been thinking about the planet Neptune a lot lately. I think that we have some unfinished business together. That’s the only explanation that I have. I think it´s a part of me that I have to work with.
Neptune is the love and art planet. Music and dance. Now you might say – no that is Venus! Yes Venus also. Neptune and Venus are related to each other. But Neptune is a deeper version of Venus.
Neptune is connected to the oceans of the world. The deep and unknown. That captures the feeling of Neptune. Venus love is more on the surface, charm and beauty.
The oceans are mysterious ,beautiful and it´s hard for us humans to know what´s in them. But if we want to connect to our deeper self it´s necessary for us to dive into that ocean. If we want to experience deep love. Remember also that water is the “healing” element.
We can choose to stay on a Venus level of love but where will this lead us in the long run?
I think that when Neptune is trying to connect to us it will do so in small and indirect manners. Whispers, intuitive moments and signs that are barely noticeable. This is what I think happened to me the last weeks, but my contact with Neptune has been very bad, so I got those signs more like sirens actually :P
Lana Del Rey is an artist that really has a Neptunian aura, her music, style and whole artistry is very Neptunian I think. Deep, mysterious and beautiful…
Will you still love me when I´m not young and beautiful?
Almost all her songs speak to a deeper part of me.

Venus in your chart. Send me your birthdata and I´ll give a free analysis!

venus födelse

Venus is what we Astrologers call a “personal planet”. That means it has a big impact on the personality in the birth horoscope. This week I will give you the opportunity to send me your birth data and I will give you a free analysis of your Venus placement and how it affects your personality. The first 3 people who answers. E-mail me or write as a comment – your birthdata and name. I need time of birth, country, city and date.
Venus in your chart shows what you enjoy most in life, in which areas you find pleasure, it also shows the areas where you have the most talent – naturally those areas are the fields that you enjoy the most because those two goes hand in hand usually. Where Venus is in your chart shows a field where you have great possibilities to succeed. It also shows areas where you are creative.
And yes Venus is the planet of love and sex! ;) So the planets placement shows how you want your relationship to be, which “style” of relationship you appreciate and also how you want your partner to give love and sex. It shows which kind of sex/lovemaking you prefer. How you want your partner to express love and sex.
Not how you want to give love – that shows Mars in your chart. Another interesting planet…
It can be very useful to know your Venus placement, because of the fact that it gives a hint of your talent.
Go ahead! Send me your birthdata! but I prefer if you write in the commentfield.

Which signs do you match with in love? Find out!


Check your dates moonsign! If you really want to know stuff ;)

People ask me quite often, “Do I match with this person?” “Is our starsigns compatible?” The very generalized Astrology that we see in magazines mostly focus only on the sunsign. That can give a good hint but if you want to be even more specific you should look up your lovers moonsign, and see if its compatible with yours.
The moon tells us how the person function emotionally which is more interesting then the sun if you want to get somebody really on the hook ;)

The sun (what we talk about when we say – “I´m a Gemini” for example) is our outer self, who we are in relationship that is not intimate.
The moon – Our inner emotional self and how we are in intimate relationships

If you know what time approximately that you are born you can check this easy on the internet .
The four elements that the starsigns are divided in too is Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

Fire and Air goes good together
Earth and water goes good together

And you also match with everyone who is the same element as you, say fire with fire for example.
Everything outside those combinations that I´ve described is more difficult combinations.
So here comes a list:

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Me as an example: I am a Gemini (Sunsign) with Virgomoon (moonsign)
The same matching principles goes on both the Sun and the Moon. So if you know your partners moonsign also, you can get a quite good picture of how good your match is.
If your Sunsigns don´t match for example, don’t give up hope! – Your moonsign might do!
One exception in the matching principle: I said that it makes good matches within one element, yes but with the same starsign as your self is not excellent. It can work, but the reason why it most times is difficult is simply because it´s difficult to complement each other when you are too much alike.
Now make a search on the internet for finding your moonsign, or just start with the sun.
I will try to find some links to give to you.