New shorter horoscope version.

I´ve started producing shorter horoscopes where I focus only on the Sun, Ascendant and Moon. Those three I consider the most important parts of the horoscope. The price is 300 SEK. (3 written pages)
1 hour personal consultation after the horoscope is handed over is included in the price. Consultation happens around two weeks after you´ve received the horoscope, that is because it´s good to process the horoscope mentally before we meet. We go through the horoscope together, and it´s also an opportunity for you to ask questions.
The horoscope is sent over mail.
If you can´t be present for consultation it is possible that we can make it over Skype. The main focus is after all on the written horoscope.
E- mail me if you are interested: Notice that its horoskop and not horoscope in the address, Swedish…
How long it takes to make the horoscope depends as I work with other things also. When you make an order you get a date for delivery.
Any questions just write to me.

Namaste/ Anne Bengtsson

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The Ascendant – Who´s behind that face?


In my Astrology class Virgo ascendant is the most common ascendant. Not so surprising because Leo, Virgo and Libra I think if I remember correct is the most common ascendants in Sweden.
My teacher told us that Virgo ascendants often get the role as the “good girl” or boy in the family and life. That is so true in my case! And I almost got irritated now when I got this verified. Haha. Because for me it feels like I didn´t choose this! – But many Astrologers believe that we choose our parents our self before we are born, and then I´m thinking that it might as well be so that we choose our ascendant and our whole horoscope then also! Or…maybe we get a particular ascendant because we have chosen to achieve something particular in this life. I see the ascendant as a tool in our personality. Because It´s the way people see us and the lens through which we see the world. (ref. the ascendant: Your karmic doorway) We can´t get rid of our ascendant no matter how strong our sun sign is!  If we would like to get rid of it..
How one feels about their ascendant is probably very individual, but for me I´ve felt that it sometimes is standing in the way for my sun. I know this is just an illusion and that I´ve probably just haven’t learned how I can have use of my ascendant in the best way. I´m sure there is a reason and purpose with every single part of the horoscope. For me it feels like the ascendant is a filter in front of the sun. Probably the secret is to integrate the sun and the ascendant in a balanced way, so that they can have use of each other.
The ascendant still have something of a mystery fog surrounding it. And different astrologers have different opinions about it – what it stands for.
Yes for me it often feels like my Virgo ascendant is standing in the way for my Gemini sun. But there are also times when I appreciate to hide behind my Virgo face. I think it’s the Virgo ascendant people see when they describe me as mysterious…something that my Gemini sun is laughing at and calls ridiculous. The Gemini sun is not mysterious at all! – rather it would like to say what´s on its mind all the time! But the Virgo face is standing in the way!:P Not always but many times.

What do you think about this? Is there anybody else out there who´ve also had problems dealing with their ascendant? Do you think your ascendant and sun sign are well integrated?
In the next post I will tell you more about how it feels to be “the good girl” and the achiever. ;) – Virgo ascendant

Uranus – where you break free in your life, and the great awakenings.

galen kvinna

Let me introduce URANUS – The rebellious planet that rules over Aquarius. It is one of my favorite planets. Where in your horoscope you have Uranus will show in which field of life you will have your greatest flashes of intuition, and “wake ups”. You intuition is always in contact with your inner self that knows everything that is good for you. That is what is so fantastic about Uranus. Sudden and dramatic changes in the way you feel about something may be Uranus speaking to you. Uranus may want to “clean out the closet” for you. Too make space for something new in your life. This can be painful sometimes but if it is Uranus speaking to your intuition, then you can be sure it will turn out great!
– The change in your life that you will create.
Aquarius is the sign of independence and boundlessness. Aha- experiences where you feel that suddenly in a flash all pieces make sense together is often Uranus that is active in your life. As with all planets they can go to extremes when the energy is unbalanced, when Uranus have gone to the extremes you can often recognize it as being rebellious just for the sake of being rebellious, restless and erratic behavior.
If you´re afraid of letting go of something you can ask Uranus for courage to make the change

Here I´ve added a birth horoscope with a person that has Uranus in the 4th house. The first symbol that you can see in the 4th house is Uranus. The fourth house represents the family, the one that we´ve grown up in and also the new one that we might create for our self. In Astrology we believe that those two reflects each other to a certain degree.
It is likely to believe that this person with Uranus in the fourth house will have had sudden dramatic changes and illumination in the field of family. Break ups and sudden disclosures might have occurred or will occur. Or maybe this is a person who´ve stepped out from the family in some kind of way, someone who´ve chosen their own independent path…It can be many things. This is a fictive horoscope, not someone I know, but someone born this time and place will have this horoscope…

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