Mercury is in Aquarius – Bring out your inner scientist and investigator!

Vattuman kvinna

Hi there! Long time since I wrote here. I have been focusing a lot on my readings with clients. I´ve had so much fun with this, it´s been incredibly developing and I have gotten a lot of positive feedback that has increased my energy to want to do more and more and to dig even deeper into astrology. Actually I´m on the limit off obsession ;) I have planets spinning in my head constantly. It´s an incredible feeling when you see the revelation in a clients eyes when the information have been proceeded. My trust in astrology as the best tool for self development only increases for every time I do a reading. There might be other good tools out there but those I haven’t explored, and the question is if I ever will since the Universe is expanding constantly so I´m fully busy with keeping up with the stars.
Well…now when I´m finally visiting this little spot in cyberspace you might want me to deliver some astrological updates also. I´m not going to disappoint you.

As most of us now the Sun is in Capricorn right now the sign of long term commitment and steady and focused work. In the northern hemisphere we are in the middle of the winter and we need patience and thick skin to work our way through the winter and the difficulties and harshness that winter deliver. We must not lose focus of our goals whatever it can be. Spring always comes.

Another interesting thing I think is that both Moon and Mercury is in air signs today.
Mercury is in Aquarius and will stay there for some time, and the Moon is in Gemini. Air signs are intellectual so this is a good time to go through your emotions at an intellectual level (Moon in Gemini) and to also speak them out and explain/express them (Mercury in Aquarius)
Today is a good day to follow any impulse to express feelings to someone or about a situation, but please only positive ones since spontaneous negative expressions to people seldom works beneficial ;) It´s a good day to sort out your emotions at an intellectual level and look at them objectively. This is one of the positive traits of air signs that can be very helpful within stressful emotional events.

Mercury will stay in Aquarius for a few weeks. This time is excellent for progressive thinking , we tend to be more open to progressive and inventive ideas and thoughts. Take notice of any information that passes you by that is unconventional, liberal and outside the box. You might very well come up with excellent ideas during this time if you just keep your energy field open! You may also feel the urge to dig into complex intellectual subjects that are also a bit outside the box. Do it! Let your mind work a little because this is a time when the mind is on your side, it´s clear and very rational! Also allow yourself to follow any crazy impulse that might lead you into original situations and meetings.
Lots of love/ Anne



Venus in Capricorn – For Linda

Capricorn on the top of the mountain where it belongs.

Linda Lindblad sent me her birthdata to check her Venusposition. Here it comes…

Venus in Capricorn.

You have a practical and serious approach to love and relationships. You want to do and create something lasting with your partner. If not marriage so atleast something that you build together. A project maybe. Capricorn is the “climber” of the zodiac – So also in love. That’s why you want to create something lasting. When you meet someone you may first check the persons ambitions and goals. Too see if the person is worth investing in. You can be attracted to ambitious persons and people with material status. Or just successful people in general. You´re not that into one night stands. People with no substance and all glitter is not your style. You are a grounded and earthly person.
Your style is a little bit old fashioned and you want to make sure that the aim for your love is worth investing in.
Although you like things to grow over time you are often the dominant person that are “leading” and pushing the relationship forward. – That also again is an expression of your urge to “build”.
In both business and love people become attracted to you because of your drive – we all know that ambitions can be very attractive ;) You are no very expressive and flirty, what is sexy about you is your independence and patience to work hard to get what you want. You have an “aura” of coolness around you, you don´t seem easily bought and that can attract many. You can also be witty and have a black sense of humour.
In sex I don´t think you are the adventurous type, more the traditional way..but here you also have to look at other aspects in the horoscope.
You don´t necessarily have to hang with the most successful person as long as the person have goals you are satisfied.
Your creative skills are suitable for all kind of organization and business activities. You are very structured and that makes you excellent in those areas. The truth is that Capricorn is not a very creative sign, but with Venus involved there is always a creative expression that needs to be canalized somewhere.
Your aim for attraction need to have a bit patience with you, but when you´re on the hook you´ll probably stay there for a while – on the positive ;)
What do you think about this Linda? Honestly. I am still a student after all :D