Mercury is in Aquarius – Bring out your inner scientist and investigator!

Vattuman kvinna

Hi there! Long time since I wrote here. I have been focusing a lot on my readings with clients. I´ve had so much fun with this, it´s been incredibly developing and I have gotten a lot of positive feedback that has increased my energy to want to do more and more and to dig even deeper into astrology. Actually I´m on the limit off obsession ;) I have planets spinning in my head constantly. It´s an incredible feeling when you see the revelation in a clients eyes when the information have been proceeded. My trust in astrology as the best tool for self development only increases for every time I do a reading. There might be other good tools out there but those I haven’t explored, and the question is if I ever will since the Universe is expanding constantly so I´m fully busy with keeping up with the stars.
Well…now when I´m finally visiting this little spot in cyberspace you might want me to deliver some astrological updates also. I´m not going to disappoint you.

As most of us now the Sun is in Capricorn right now the sign of long term commitment and steady and focused work. In the northern hemisphere we are in the middle of the winter and we need patience and thick skin to work our way through the winter and the difficulties and harshness that winter deliver. We must not lose focus of our goals whatever it can be. Spring always comes.

Another interesting thing I think is that both Moon and Mercury is in air signs today.
Mercury is in Aquarius and will stay there for some time, and the Moon is in Gemini. Air signs are intellectual so this is a good time to go through your emotions at an intellectual level (Moon in Gemini) and to also speak them out and explain/express them (Mercury in Aquarius)
Today is a good day to follow any impulse to express feelings to someone or about a situation, but please only positive ones since spontaneous negative expressions to people seldom works beneficial ;) It´s a good day to sort out your emotions at an intellectual level and look at them objectively. This is one of the positive traits of air signs that can be very helpful within stressful emotional events.

Mercury will stay in Aquarius for a few weeks. This time is excellent for progressive thinking , we tend to be more open to progressive and inventive ideas and thoughts. Take notice of any information that passes you by that is unconventional, liberal and outside the box. You might very well come up with excellent ideas during this time if you just keep your energy field open! You may also feel the urge to dig into complex intellectual subjects that are also a bit outside the box. Do it! Let your mind work a little because this is a time when the mind is on your side, it´s clear and very rational! Also allow yourself to follow any crazy impulse that might lead you into original situations and meetings.
Lots of love/ Anne



Uranus – where you break free in your life, and the great awakenings.

galen kvinna

Let me introduce URANUS – The rebellious planet that rules over Aquarius. It is one of my favorite planets. Where in your horoscope you have Uranus will show in which field of life you will have your greatest flashes of intuition, and “wake ups”. You intuition is always in contact with your inner self that knows everything that is good for you. That is what is so fantastic about Uranus. Sudden and dramatic changes in the way you feel about something may be Uranus speaking to you. Uranus may want to “clean out the closet” for you. Too make space for something new in your life. This can be painful sometimes but if it is Uranus speaking to your intuition, then you can be sure it will turn out great!
– The change in your life that you will create.
Aquarius is the sign of independence and boundlessness. Aha- experiences where you feel that suddenly in a flash all pieces make sense together is often Uranus that is active in your life. As with all planets they can go to extremes when the energy is unbalanced, when Uranus have gone to the extremes you can often recognize it as being rebellious just for the sake of being rebellious, restless and erratic behavior.
If you´re afraid of letting go of something you can ask Uranus for courage to make the change

Here I´ve added a birth horoscope with a person that has Uranus in the 4th house. The first symbol that you can see in the 4th house is Uranus. The fourth house represents the family, the one that we´ve grown up in and also the new one that we might create for our self. In Astrology we believe that those two reflects each other to a certain degree.
It is likely to believe that this person with Uranus in the fourth house will have had sudden dramatic changes and illumination in the field of family. Break ups and sudden disclosures might have occurred or will occur. Or maybe this is a person who´ve stepped out from the family in some kind of way, someone who´ve chosen their own independent path…It can be many things. This is a fictive horoscope, not someone I know, but someone born this time and place will have this horoscope…

Julia horoskop<a

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius- woman. Second part.

The fact that airwoman also crave a lot of freedom, complicate the issue even further. So the classical stuff to charm the woman may not work…such as promising safety, good standards, and material things. Because once again… what air people are looking for is a compatible mind and intellect. They want to be equal with their partner…ok lets say the airwoman enter a relationship. Here the real problem starts…just because you want to be equal with your partner and have a challenging intellectual exchange doesn´t mean you don’t want to be treated like a lady, to feel like a woman! The airwoman get stucked somewhere in between her will to be her own self and social gender norms. We can say a hundred times that we now are equal and man and woman understand each other but let´s cut that crap…men are raised the way that they expect a woman to behave a certain way, not because he is a mean person! I´m sure he´s trying he´s best too understand. We also live in an era where the gender norms have been dissolved to a certain degree, but we still stand with one foot in the old and one in the new. This changing phase we are in of course is a manifestation of that we are on the edge of the age of Aquarius. – where old limits and norms are changing to become something new. Just two examples is the way we have changed our look on the nuclear family and gayrights.

You could say that airsigns are already in the Aquarius age! – Or they have always been!

To summarize briefly –
Geminiwoman– wants to question everything, mold every thought and idea, eager to change the world and ideas through the creative part of the intellect.
Librawoman – she is concerned with justice and fairness in ideas and the world, and she is always “weighting” everything in her own mind before deciding what the thinks.
Aquariuswoman– She is idealistic and always concerned about how things ought to be instead of seeing them as they are.

Can you see how these traits are male in their characteristics? They are projectice and tries to structure and create the world. While female signs (Cancer, Taurus etc. ) wants to nurture and protect the world and themselves. This is where the confusion in the relationship starts. What airsignwoman wants intellectually from the relationship is not compatible with the standard gender role.
She is often scaring men off with her progressive nature, and is often seen as a tomboy. Luckily there are men appreciating these traits also, airwoman just have to find those few. Enough for now. Hope you understood most of it, otherwise ask/comment.