Neptune – Walk the fog

Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Thinking of Neptune again…Neptunes placement in a persons birth chart always makes me a bit lost, thinking about it and try to interpret it, which is exactly the character of Neptune :P
Neptune can mean dissolved boundaries and fog. The rational mind doesn’t seem to work very well when we are strongly influenced by Neptune. Maybe going through a Neptune phase is like navigating through the fog with your senses instead of using the rational mind. To try to clear the fog with the rational mind is not possible I think when you have to deal with Neptunes power. And that is not Neptunes purpose either.
Somehow I believe that where Neptune transits in your birth chart is a place that needs to be “cleared out” from material energy. It´s an inward motion in that house that wants to explore the spiritual side of being a human and the things connected to that particular house. Neptune forces us to take a look inside of our self to find the answer. Forces I say because this is what happen when Neptune dissolves the boundaries that we sometimes hold to tightly to. When the boundaries and outer structures are dissolved we have no other choice then to look inside of our self to find this something to hold on to inside of our self. Maybe Neptunes lesson is, whatever house it transits, or where it is in the natal chart, to teach us that the material world is not any safer to hold on to then to our inner abilities and intuition. The structures of the material world are fragile, although many people knows this intellectually they/ we still put a lot of effort to build material structures around us. But are those structures more reliable then structures built from the inside of a person?
Every planet comes with its own lessons. And sometimes we have to learn it the hard way.
But Neptune is the least material planet of all, and when it makes a significant transit in your horoscope it won´t care how much you´ve “built” in this area of your life. You find yourself in a fog and the only thing you can hold on to is your senses and intuition. Sometimes it´s a pleasant fog, sometimes the more scary variant. But you will walk through the fog, try to relax, and trust that your senses will lead you to where you are meant to be. And finally you will find yourself outside the fog in a completely new place.

Scorpio eclipse November 3rd 2013- Dive into the darkest waters


November 3rd we have a solar eclipse in Scorpio. The Moon passes between the Sun and Earth and blocks the energy from the Sun. Since the Sun has a powerful effect on humans this means that a powerful force is completely blocked while the eclipse lasts. A solar eclipse always triggers endings and new beginnings, turning points, and while this eclipse falls in Scorpio it is associated with everything in our life that carries the Scorpio energy. Since the sign Scorpio is already associated with deep transformations in life, the effect of this solar eclipse can be particularly heavy. How it will affect you more exact depends a lot on your personal birth chart and in which house Scorpio falls there.
But there are some common Scorpio traits that will however affect most people in one way or another. Scorpio is connected to death, birth, obsessions, sex, and other people´s money. Many of those considered the big transformations in life. And yes…Scorpio is always dramatic…but don´t fear because it´s only through the deepest experiences of transformations that we have the opportunity to find completely new roads in front of us. Although when it´s complete darkness, we cannot see it. It comes after.
The effects of the solar eclipse will be felt the weeks and days around the very physical eclipse. It can be quite intense when Scorpio is hanging around.
Scorpio eclipse will point to something in your life that needs to be transformed. Scorpio is also a water sign which means emotions. So it might be that emotions that have been hidden somehow now rise to the surface. Scorpio digs deep down to see what is there in the deepest waters.
It´s also about “letting go” off emotions and conditions that do not longer serve us.
Another thing that comes with Scorpio eclipse is the healing opportunity. When we have been deeply transformed, often a healing process arises.
The eclipse often wants to make conscious something that has been unconscious in our self – so that we can benefit from this hidden knowledge inside of us. That is a kind of transformation in itself. And then add some Scorpio to that and we´ll see what we have…;)

Fullmoon in Aries, with eclipse. October 18, 2013

väduren krigare

What are you scared of? What do you love? Is what you love the same thing that you are scared of? This fullmoon puts the spotlight on questions like this. How much do you do for yourself in comparison to what you do for others? Think about this. Be courageous for once. You might discover that you like it? ;) Do you express what you need emotionally to feel good? Start now. Fullmoon in Aries is like that Nike commercial you know…”Just do it” That’s Aries in a nutshell. Aries is represented by the warrior archetype.

Jupiter in Cancer

To continue on the subject cancer…been thinking about Jupiter in cancer lately. Because right now Jupiter is in this cardinal water sign. Jupiter- the planet of expansion. It was actually my friend Jessica that reminded me of that. I think I talked to her about how I´ve lately felt a strong urge to make my home a warm and cozy place. I really feel like expanding this part of my life a lot. So I am obviously picking up the expanding cancer energies right now. Cancer also falls in my 10th and 11th house in my birth chart so I expect those areas of my life to also expand now until July 16 2013 when Jupiter leaves cancer.
That means career and big groups for me. It sounds promising since I´ve gotten involved with a lot of groups the latest year when Jupiter was in my sun sign gemini. Mainly different astrology groups. And I´ve also put serious action into developing an astrology career. So what can I say… Jupiter is doing its job! And when Jupiter was in gemini…whiiii! Jupiter was really working it! Now I´m just looking forward to expanding my higher knowledge this Fall by meeting groups of other astrology interested!
Hmmm…while writing this I just now discovered that Jupiter also is almost exactly at my north node! – Which happen to be in cancer. That is definitely something to investigate further…
Any feedback on that? which house is cancer in your chart? Take care.

Ps: Does anyone know why it´s not possible to add media right now? Anyone else on wordpress experiencing this problem right now?

Come to me little shellfish…

Hello! Back in business ;) It was a quite long summer break, but I needed that. I worked fulltime during the summer at my other job – Care assistant (think it´s called in English) The Summer has been exceptionally excellent and long here in Sweden! Almost no rain during the whole summer, unbelievable…
I hope you other people on the northern hemisphere also had a great summer, and you on the other hemisphere a cozy winter ;)
Been thinking about some new things in my life lately. Have you ever thought about if there is any energy in your life that is missing or that is messy or incomplete in your life? If you have, have you tried to translate that energy into one zodiac sign? Since all the zodiac signs are different energies this is a quite smart way to put a word/term on your problem. I will give you an example…
The home environment has always been something of a concern for me. I want to have a cozy and comfortable home where I can recharge my batteries. But the problem is that the uranian energy seem to have moved in permanently into my home…if you get what I mean  I try the absolutely hardest to keep it tidy, welcoming and cozy, but it just doesn’t work for me. (This is so much of a luxury problem that some of you might puke now, yes I know, so sorry for that) To try to keep a flower alive in this cold and Antarctic environment (my home, not Sweden as a whole) is as you can understand out of question. So now which is the sign I´m talking about? Which zodiac sign is messed up in my life?
Cancer! Ofcourzeeeee!
And how can a person live without the protective shell of this little amazing shellfish? – I don´t know! I´ve survived this far but not much longer. That’s why I´ve decided to seriously build myself a little shelter, a so cold…home! Let me just add that I´m not homeless. I have four walls and a roof. Until now I haven’t been a “home person” more of an outdoor social and traveling person. And I´ve been happy with that. But something changed lately…don´t know if it has something to do with age. I need a place, desperately! – That feels comforting and warm. So I´ve started buying new cozy and beautiful things for my home. I still have something of a split feeling for the whole thing but at least I´m moving slowly forward.
When I started thinking about this “problem” in terms of zodiac signs and energy I made a list of things that are “cancerish”, and discovered I am missing out on a almost all of them. Here is the list:

Cozy home – Missing in my life
Cooking – Don´t like to cook
Small children– Missing. (like children but are not overly enthusiastic about them)
Expressing my most inner emotional needs – Very much missing in my life!

You understand now what I mean? Which energy- sign is missing in your life that you would want to work with? Please tell me on “comments”.
But to finish this text I can tell you something positive that happened. Suddenly an astrologer from California contacted me. She has moved her temporary and was looking for contacts. We met and it turned out she is…a Cancer! - And a very nice one also.
What you wish for, you shall have.

A letter for a loved friend

[12e huset bild

The twelfth house is the house of the vast oceans. In the oceans lies the hidden, it can´t be seen by the humans (unless you snorkel). Still people knows there are things there under. In the ocean you can also throw things that you don´t want to know about. But just because we can´t see it, does it mean it´s not there?
People with the Sun in the twelfth house can feel invisible at times, they can sometimes or often experience that they feel the feelings of the collective – of other people. The things that others throw away, because it´s heavy or discomforting those feelings end up in the 12th house. That’s why a 12th house Sun person can feel sometimes as if she or he is carrying the world on his shoulders.
We are all connected to each other. It´s not possible to make things disappear, it will always end up somewhere. And the things that humans want to get rid of – it ends up in the twelfth house. And as we humans are intimately connected to each other here on earth the 12th house Sun person can sometimes carry a load that’s been built up through generations on earth or their own family history through generations. Known also as – Karma.
Because 12th house sun people experience all those things that many ignores (often the darker sides of the humanity) and try to overlook they often have a lot of empathy and a deep understanding of others feelings, because they experience the feelings of the collective all the time!! They often have excellent healing skills if they make effort to develop it. Isn´t there a saying that goes:” only someone who´ve felt real pain have the real ability to heal others.”
The Sun represent a persons inner core and also true self expression in the birth horoscope, and when the sun resides in this 12th house the self expression can be somehow “burried” it lies somehow underneath. Once again, think about the oceans of earth and how it´s a mystery for us people. Its´ not so surprising then to understand that people with personal planets in this house ruled by Pisces are drawn to or skilled in areas of life that humanity try to suppress or ignore. We find those people often working in areas dealing with people living outside of society, sick and weak people, or people who´ve just not been accepted in society because of the standards we make up collectively. Mental institutions, prisons, elderly care, hospitals or institutions that take care of marginalized people. Just a few examples of many others…
They also often have psychic abilities and are able to “sense” things before others do.
Being a twelfth house sun is not bad in any way, they can become as successful as anybody else who make effort. The only difference is that they will probably find their true calling in those areas that society has tried to suppress for generations. Here they can become very skill full and appreciated.
Don´t forget that many famous people that has done some of the greatest things for humanity, has a 12th house Sun. You can find them in the history books.
What does this tell us then? Well…I think it tells us that everything is connected and that there is a higher plan in action for all of us. There is a plan for every single person, you choose yourself if you want to follow or rebel. Astrology always tells us secrets about where we can feel at home and a sense of belonging.
I added this video of Alicia Keys that reminds me of the 12th house. A girl that has a healing ability…notice also the water in the beginning and the end of the video…I wonder if Alicia has Astrology knowledge…:P Maybe.


Incredible Tina Turner and the T- square

a>a>Photo of Tina TURNER

I searched for famous people with the T- square in their chart. I found a lot of relics, and what I mean with that is a lot of old famous people that lived for a drillion years ago, and then I found…Tina Turner! Who hasn´t been affected by Tina Turner in one way or another!? So I choose her to look at her T- square that I wrote some about in the previous post. So you better read that one before you read this post :D
Tinas T-square happened to be very similar to mine! In the same signs and the same houses! Only that she has the focal planet (also called apex planet) in Pisces instead of Virgo like me.
A red triangle connecting Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces
Can you see it? It´s very obvious.
If you don´t see it you might consider getting glasses :P
You can compare it with my chart in the previous post and you will see that they are very similar. You might think I´m very self centered now choosing a T- square similar to mine and with the incredible Tina Turner also, but she was the only interesting person I could find with a T-square that was not 300 years old and a bit forgotten :D Although the T- square is said to be found in at least 40 % of all natal charts. So it´s not exactly uncommon.
As an opposition always is included in a T-square this means that we have the usual power struggle between the two (or sometimes more) planets in the opposition. The focal planet is a dynamic principle that has trouble getting integrated into the awareness- process of the opposition without causing tensions, self blockage and imbalance within the individual. These tensions express themselves through the individuals relationships. The focal planet causes the opposed planets to get in conflict with each other instead of complementing each other like they should when they function optimal.
The sign and house position of the focal planet tells us where the tension is felt. As in Tinas case the seventh house and Pisces.
The first thing I come to think about in this moment of writing is that Tina got almost killed by her ex husband, that tortured her mentally and physically for many years. This got broadcasted all over the world so it´s a quite famous story.
And her focal planet is Mars in the seventh house of relationships. Any bells ringing?? It doesn´t need to have a connection, but it could.

The T- square is considered a dynamic aspect in the horoscope that forces the individual to take action and try to balance the tensions. It´s a psychological struggle that is considered a constructive force within the person.
It is said that people that have made an above average impact on the world often have this aspect pattern.
How the focal planet “acts” within this pattern depends a lot on how it is managed, as I said if it´s managed in a good way it can be a great driving force for the individual, but mismanaged it can intensify the negative matters of the opposition like for example lack of understanding of the rights and needs of others.
The house and sign where you find the focal planet indicates where you can find frustrations, habitual insecurities and defensive reactions.

So to keep it simple…it´s important to look at the focal planet and it´s position so that you can manage this planet in a good way. Look at the house and sign and see if it gives you any clues about your life (if it´s your own natal chart) and if you manage the planet in a good way or not.
When properly handled the focal planet can play a mediating role in keeping the opposing planet from becoming unresolved in their action.

I said I was going to write about the different nature of the mutable, fixed and cardinal T- square, but I think this is enough for this time. If you have basic knowledge of astrology you can probably figure out what the difference is.
But remember that a proper T- square is always made up by one opposition and two squares together.
And to say something about Tinas T- square…well we can guess that Mars is a energy that must be properly handled in her life, to not cause frustrations. And Mars in Pisces is already a bit challenging from the start.
I finish this post with saying that Tina is an incredibly woman! – A true force of nature that have had a brilliant career and survived a man that nearly killed her. She just has a Goddess aura surrounding her. A true inspiration for many woman in the world I think!!

Ps: Is it just an accident that Tina is famous for her great legs, or is it because she is Sagittarius? – Ruler of the legs :D

Tina turner 1