About me and this blog

Hi there… glad you found your way here. My name is Mila Demarais.I work with Astrology and I do personal consultations of birth horoscopes. An Astrologer can work in many different ways but I mainly work with the horoscopes as a coaching tool. (Although, this is also adjustable depending on the client’s need) I do readings face2face and over skype or telephone.
I have a background of learning by doing since many years, and I’ve also studied at Thomas Jönssons Astrology school, well known Astrologer in Sweden. “www.astrofool.com”
Astrology is for me the best tool for self development. It makes you understand your place in the world better. Many people are not fully conscious of the treasures and abilities they carry within themselves and sometimes never develop, but it’s never too late to find out what yours are.

Welcome to book a consultation with me!
Lots of love/ Mila

jupitersplacehoroskop@gmail.com, 0619646176

Gloria läsning

7 thoughts on “About me and this blog

  1. You have a wonderful blog Mila. I have always been interested in astrology. I strongly believe astrology as some influences on one’s life. Anyways bless your heart and keep up the good work :-)

  2. Hi Mila!
    Saw you comment in Dan Ciubotaru “Surviving the Sun-Moon square aspect”.
    I’m moving now through progressed moon square natal sun.
    How sstrong it is.


  3. Hey there, you mentioned super sensitivity and I wanted to tell you about a book called the Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron. I am super sensitive too and this book helped me a lot. My sensitivity made me take off from my beloved hobby, but I’m back in. Wondering if you’re in the same phase too. Much love!

  4. Hello super sensitive people! Mila thank you for your amazing posts and the thoughts that you share! Here is an article talking about that you mention: http://enallaktikidrasi.com/2014/06/atoma-ypsilis-eyaisthisias-pos-na-diapistosete-an-eiste-ki-eseis/ Unfortunately that is in Greek and I dont know about existence of English versions… The article is very interesting as it links highly sensitive people to childhood traumatic experiences and other stuff. It also mentions that people can receive this characteristic from inheritance! Repressed behaviours during childhood or punishment as a parental response behaviour may lead to expression of HSP. HSP can not be cured but it can be observed and treated. However, it also states that there are evolution advantages for a team of people. Detectors of small changes are always useful to avoid danger or to promote improvements. Is that a Virgo attitude right?:) It seems that some have to suffer for the general good to happen! Meditation shall tame sensitivities and allow readjustment of perception and thresholds.

    Cant wait for your new entries Mila.



    • Thank you for you reading tip! I find it interesting though that you talk about HSP as if it is a disease that you might be able to “cure” as you write. HSP is not considered a medical condition but instead a personality trait, therefore there is nothing to be cured! And yes what you describe in the end is actually Virgo traits. Maybe many Virgos has slightly HSP? :) Can you also explain what you mean with that “some have to suffer”? Yes HSP can definately lead to some extent of suffering but I think that we should not forget that it can be very useful in many situations also. For example to be pro active in certain situations and then to be able to avoid difficult situations and dangers.

      Thanks a lot for your input! / Mila

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