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Birth Horoscope consultation- your inner map
This reading explores your potential and your personality – including those parts of yourself that could use more conscious awareness and integration.
Family background and inherited patterns.
Career –in which fields and circumstances do I shine?
What am I here to do?
What is the purpose of what is happening to me right now? Transits (planetary influences) affecting you right now.
80 € 60 min consultation

Career counseling
What am I here to do? The answers can be many.
Career, personal life and soul purpose in integration. The birth horoscope shows us ways we can express our true self. Only when we are working with what is full filling for us , only then we can be truly happy and healthy individuals, and also become a source of inspiration and strength for others.
80 € 60 min consultation

Birth horoscope core profile
Main features of the personality. Sun, Moon and rising sign.
Strongest characteristics. Personality and potential.
40 € 30 min consultation

Time for deepened talk. Specific areas.
60 € 60 min consultation

For bookings:
Date, location, and time of birth is required for consultation
Available on telephone Monday, Wednesday 9-12

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