What is a birth horoscope?

A birth horoscope is the frozen moment of your birth. This “map” of the stars at that particular moment you carry inside of yourself for the rest of your life. In your birth horoscope an Astrologer can see talents, where you find your biggest potential, your personality as a whole, family background, tensions in personality and emotional life and health. All this is based on your place of birth and your exact birth time. This is miles away from so called magazine horoscopes that most of the times offers a too far stretched generalization based on solely the sun sign, Sagittarius, Libra etc. Did you know for example that you carry all the different signs inside of you? – Just that some of them are more strongly emphasized than others.
What can be more valuable then knowing where in life you have the biggest potentials to succeed and at the same time feel that you are at the right place, where you feel at home emotionally and not only living up to others standards. The horoscope can also show in which areas you have to work on in order to gain a better balance. The horoscope tells a lot about the emotional needs of a specific individual.
Some have better self knowledge then others, and some need some help on their way. This is where I as an Astrologer can help you.
The horoscope is not something that is carved in stone, luckily. It is strong currents that can be changed by free will and determination but those are still powerful forces that pull us in certain directions.