Jupiter in Cancer

To continue on the subject cancer…been thinking about Jupiter in cancer lately. Because right now Jupiter is in this cardinal water sign. Jupiter- the planet of expansion. It was actually my friend Jessica that reminded me of that. I think I talked to her about how I´ve lately felt a strong urge to make my home a warm and cozy place. I really feel like expanding this part of my life a lot. So I am obviously picking up the expanding cancer energies right now. Cancer also falls in my 10th and 11th house in my birth chart so I expect those areas of my life to also expand now until July 16 2013 when Jupiter leaves cancer.
That means career and big groups for me. It sounds promising since I´ve gotten involved with a lot of groups the latest year when Jupiter was in my sun sign gemini. Mainly different astrology groups. And I´ve also put serious action into developing an astrology career. So what can I say… Jupiter is doing its job! And when Jupiter was in gemini…whiiii! Jupiter was really working it! Now I´m just looking forward to expanding my higher knowledge this Fall by meeting groups of other astrology interested!
Hmmm…while writing this I just now discovered that Jupiter also is almost exactly at my north node! – Which happen to be in cancer. That is definitely something to investigate further…
Any feedback on that? Also..in which house is cancer in your chart? Take care.

Ps: Does anyone know why it´s not possible to add media right now? Anyone else on wordpress experiencing this problem right now?

Come to me little shellfish…

Hello! Back in business ;) It was a quite long summer break, but I needed that. I worked fulltime during the summer at my other job – Care assistant (think it´s called in English) The Summer has been exceptionally excellent and long here in Sweden! Almost no rain during the whole summer, unbelievable…
I hope you other people on the northern hemisphere also had a great summer, and you on the other hemisphere a cozy winter ;)
Been thinking about some new things in my life lately. Have you ever thought about if there is any energy in your life that is missing or that is messy or incomplete in your life? If you have, have you tried to translate that energy into one zodiac sign? Since all the zodiac signs are different energies this is a quite smart way to put a word/term on your problem. I will give you an example…
The home environment has always been something of a concern for me. I want to have a cozy and comfortable home where I can recharge my batteries. But the problem is that the uranian energy seem to have moved in permanently into my home…if you get what I mean  I try the absolutely hardest to keep it tidy, welcoming and cozy, but it just doesn’t work for me. (This is so much of a luxury problem that some of you might puke now, yes I know, so sorry for that) To try to keep a flower alive in this cold and Antarctic environment (my home, not Sweden as a whole) is as you can understand out of question. So now which is the sign I´m talking about? Which zodiac sign is messed up in my life?
Cancer! Ofcourzeeeee!
And how can a person live without the protective shell of this little amazing shellfish? – I don´t know! I´ve survived this far but not much longer. That’s why I´ve decided to seriously build myself a little shelter, a so cold…home! Let me just add that I´m not homeless. I have four walls and a roof. Until now I haven’t been a “home person” more of an outdoor social and traveling person. And I´ve been happy with that. But something changed lately…don´t know if it has something to do with age. I need a place, desperately! – That feels comforting and warm. So I´ve started buying new cozy and beautiful things for my home. I still have something of a split feeling for the whole thing but at least I´m moving slowly forward.
When I started thinking about this “problem” in terms of zodiac signs and energy I made a list of things that are “cancerish”, and discovered I am missing out on a almost all of them. Here is the list:

Cozy home – Missing in my life
Cooking – Don´t like to cook
Small children– Missing. (like children but are not overly enthusiastic about them)
Expressing my most inner emotional needs – Very much missing in my life!

You understand now what I mean? Which energy- sign is missing in your life that you would want to work with? Please tell me on “comments”.
But to finish this text I can tell you something positive that happened. Suddenly an astrologer from California contacted me. She has moved her temporary and was looking for contacts. We met and it turned out she is…a Cancer! - And a very nice one also.
What you wish for, you shall have.