A letter for a loved friend

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The twelfth house is the house of the vast oceans. In the oceans lies the hidden, it can´t be seen by the humans (unless you snorkel). Still people knows there are things there under. In the ocean you can also throw things that you don´t want to know about. But just because we can´t see it, does it mean it´s not there?
People with the Sun in the twelfth house can feel invisible at times, they can sometimes or often experience that they feel the feelings of the collective – of other people. The things that others throw away, because it´s heavy or discomforting those feelings end up in the 12th house. That’s why a 12th house Sun person can feel sometimes as if she or he is carrying the world on his shoulders.
We are all connected to each other. It´s not possible to make things disappear, it will always end up somewhere. And the things that humans want to get rid of – it ends up in the twelfth house. And as we humans are intimately connected to each other here on earth the 12th house Sun person can sometimes carry a load that’s been built up through generations on earth or their own family history through generations. Known also as – Karma.
Because 12th house sun people experience all those things that many ignores (often the darker sides of the humanity) and try to overlook they often have a lot of empathy and a deep understanding of others feelings, because they experience the feelings of the collective all the time!! They often have excellent healing skills if they make effort to develop it. Isn´t there a saying that goes:” only someone who´ve felt real pain have the real ability to heal others.”
The Sun represent a persons inner core and also true self expression in the birth horoscope, and when the sun resides in this 12th house the self expression can be somehow “burried” it lies somehow underneath. Once again, think about the oceans of earth and how it´s a mystery for us people. Its´ not so surprising then to understand that people with personal planets in this house ruled by Pisces are drawn to or skilled in areas of life that humanity try to suppress or ignore. We find those people often working in areas dealing with people living outside of society, sick and weak people, or people who´ve just not been accepted in society because of the standards we make up collectively. Mental institutions, prisons, elderly care, hospitals or institutions that take care of marginalized people. Just a few examples of many others…
They also often have psychic abilities and are able to “sense” things before others do.
Being a twelfth house sun is not bad in any way, they can become as successful as anybody else who make effort. The only difference is that they will probably find their true calling in those areas that society has tried to suppress for generations. Here they can become very skill full and appreciated.
Don´t forget that many famous people that has done some of the greatest things for humanity, has a 12th house Sun. You can find them in the history books.
What does this tell us then? Well…I think it tells us that everything is connected and that there is a higher plan in action for all of us. There is a plan for every single person, you choose yourself if you want to follow or rebel. Astrology always tells us secrets about where we can feel at home and a sense of belonging.
I added this video of Alicia Keys that reminds me of the 12th house. A girl that has a healing ability…notice also the water in the beginning and the end of the video…I wonder if Alicia has Astrology knowledge…:P Maybe.


4 thoughts on “A letter for a loved friend

  1. Hi!! I’m a Leo with Sun in the 12th house. I always thought astrology must be off the mark after reading about the typical attributes of a Leo. But after I discovered my full chart….stunning in its accuracy. I’d say that my life path has not been easy, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Your blog entry describes me quite perfectly. I sense other peoples deepest feelings. I know the conclusion before the beginning. I rarely hesitate to jump even when I sense pain up ahead, as long as I also sense meaning. I know without a doubt that we are all connected and care about and want to help everyone. Even those that nearly destroyed my life by their cruelty. I innately recognize that their souls and mine are not separate. They are me, but expressed in a different mind and body. This world is quite hard for me to understand and I often feel estranged from ordinary life. I may have been dropped off on the wrong planet. :) In short, I enjoyed you entry. Rock on :)

  2. Thank you for your respond and sorry for my late respond! I have the Moon in 12th house Virgo. I recognize myself a lot in what you are writing. I had a difficult first part of my life. The most difficult about being a twelfth house person I find is the loose boundaries and too often not knowing exactly what one wants. Or too know for a while but suddenly loose the thread. That´s how it feels at least. Also I´ve learned lately about myself exactly what you write that I seem to walk right into pain, even when there is one easier road to choose. As if one sense that there will be a purpose with it all in the end. That’s why some people look strange at you when they look at the decisions you make haha…rationally they seem to not make sense sometimes.
    My theory based solely on intuition is that 12th people have access to more information then other people simply. Information that others have it hard to access. I don´t know if this is a blessing or a curse, (could be both) but it makes or decision making different…of course.
    Nice blog you have by the way…have to read a little bit more 
    Lots of love

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