The Ascendant – Let the Sun shine through!


I got an interesting and kind of funny respond on my previous post. :) I have a follower that has a big sense of black humour (also called Saturnian humour among astrologers) if I interpret it correct. Look at the previous post comments.
Basically what she wrote was that her Ascendant is also standing in the way of her Sun. As I wrote in the previous post is my problem. She is a Gemini with Cancer Ascendant and with that combination she´s seen as the nurturing and caring one.
Ok…I was going to tell you about how it feels to be a Virgo Ascendant! Have your tissue prepared because this a martyr story!…:P
I was born a May day for ages ago, when the Sun stood in sociable, mutable, and carefree Gemini. The birds where singing, and so far everything was good. Except! – I got a Virgo Ascendant!:o
The Ascendant for those who don´t know is in Astrology “our face” to the world. How people first see us, and also the open door in to our personality through where we take in the world, according to me.
My Virgo Ascendant is very self critical and has an extremely bad self confidence. This drives my Gemini Sun crazy since Gemini Sun just wants to go for it basically!
I got a lot of responsibility on my shoulders early. Now when I´m a bit older I know that it was far too much for me to handle.
As my Astrology teacher said this is a typical theme for Virgo Ascendants.
Virgo is the sign of hard work and service and I could say that I got my shared part of that yes!

We are born with an Ascendant and for me it feels like the Ascendant is a label we get. A label that we didn’t choose but maybe we got it because we´re supposed to achieve something particular, as I said in the previous post. The Ascendant molds us from early age while the Sun always is struggling to shine through. (Thank you for good description “Ancient Librarian”) We get something that seems to be “tasks” as life is happening. Those tasks don´t leave us unaffected, but I think we must struggle also to let the Sun shine through, otherwise our inner core will die – because the sun IS our core.
I´ve taken care of the sick, listened patiently to those who are desperate and need to talk. I´ve done all those things in favor of the Virgo Ascendant! That’s how I see it (but with a humorous approach since I´m not very gloomy by nature.)
I´ve felt alone (Virgo- the Hermit) I say felt because I think loneliness doesn´t exist – It´s just a feeling
Many times the Ascendant has knocked me to the floor and I´ve wondered: – What´s the use?
But there must be a purpose, mustn´t it? Because that´s what Astrology is all about isn´t it? I ask because I want to know what you think…there are no simple answers in Astrology.
Which challenges have you met through your Ascendant?
(Ps: It´s me in the pic :P)

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