New shorter horoscope version.

I´ve started producing shorter horoscopes where I focus only on the Sun, Ascendant and Moon. Those three I consider the most important parts of the horoscope. The price is 300 SEK. (3 written pages)
1 hour personal consultation after the horoscope is handed over is included in the price. Consultation happens around two weeks after you´ve received the horoscope, that is because it´s good to process the horoscope mentally before we meet. We go through the horoscope together, and it´s also an opportunity for you to ask questions.
The horoscope is sent over mail.
If you can´t be present for consultation it is possible that we can make it over Skype. The main focus is after all on the written horoscope.
E- mail me if you are interested: Notice that its horoskop and not horoscope in the address, Swedish…
How long it takes to make the horoscope depends as I work with other things also. When you make an order you get a date for delivery.
Any questions just write to me.

Namaste/ Anne Bengtsson

chart of the moment

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