Horoscopes and the different houses

Planets are energies.In Astrology we believe that every person has those planetary influences in themselves. The map of where the planets where in its orbit when you were born will influence your life. But we must know in which house in your horoscope the planet where at the moment of your birth. The house shows in which area in life the energy will express itself.
We Astrologers have chosen to focus on the planets in our Solar system – The nearer planet to earth the bigger personal effect.
In my previous posts I have described the energy of both Uranus and Venus. I will try to go through all the planets in our Solar system here on the blog.
Here I have added the chart of the moment- Someone born exactly now. How our solar system looks at the moment from earth seen right now. As you can see we have the 12 planet symbols placed in the different houses, and at the second picture you can see which field every house represents.
So the planets move through the different houses at different speed. Depending on when you are born they will be in different houses.
On this chart of the moment we can see that the person born right now has for example the sun in the 4th house of home – actually 3 planets in the house of home! The person will probably become a very home and family oriented person, someone who wants to fulfill him/herself through the life of the private.
Sorry the first pic is so small, you have to click it.

chart of the moment

the houses


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