Venus in your chart. Send me your birthdata and I´ll give a free analysis!

venus födelse

Venus is what we Astrologers call a “personal planet”. That means it has a big impact on the personality in the birth horoscope. This week I will give you the opportunity to send me your birth data and I will give you a free analysis of your Venus placement and how it affects your personality. The first 3 people who answers. E-mail me or write as a comment – your birthdata and name. I need time of birth, country, city and date.
Venus in your chart shows what you enjoy most in life, in which areas you find pleasure, it also shows the areas where you have the most talent – naturally those areas are the fields that you enjoy the most because those two goes hand in hand usually. Where Venus is in your chart shows a field where you have great possibilities to succeed. It also shows areas where you are creative.
And yes Venus is the planet of love and sex! ;) So the planets placement shows how you want your relationship to be, which “style” of relationship you appreciate and also how you want your partner to give love and sex. It shows which kind of sex/lovemaking you prefer. How you want your partner to express love and sex.
Not how you want to give love – that shows Mars in your chart. Another interesting planet…
It can be very useful to know your Venus placement, because of the fact that it gives a hint of your talent.
Go ahead! Send me your birthdata! but I prefer if you write in the commentfield.


10 thoughts on “Venus in your chart. Send me your birthdata and I´ll give a free analysis!

    • Thank you!! Hmm…Venus in 12th house…I have the moon in 12th house. That is also a hard lesson :D And Saturn in 2nd house have been difficult, but my teacher says Saturn becomes easier after 30 – and now I am 31 :D
      NAMASTE! (don´t know what it mean but sounds good)

      • I know a Virgo female who has Saturn in the 2nd house (values), and she has been through many tests, ups and downs regarding loss of materialism. She is now in her 60s, and still struggling to become a writer.

        Well, I have Uranus in Leo in the 2nd. Need I say more! Saturn in Sag torments my 6th house of work, and I have learned far more lessons than I care to mention about hard and thankless work.

        The word Namaste is a combination of the two Sanskrit words: nama, and te. Basically, nama means “to bow” and te means “you.”

      • Mmm..That was nice to hear..:S – The Virgowoman. But hope she will make it! But Uranus is a more positiv planet then Saturn I think. Have you tried to have your own business? Maybe that would fit the Uranian energy. We have to be strong! Keep the faith! :D

      • I’m a legal secretary, and have worked as a temp for many years. Because having a full-time, every day job doesn’t fit my Gemini spirit. However, as I grow older, and the legal industry has reduced staff, temp and perm, dramatically, I’ve grown tired of darting about.

        In the past I’ve pursued creativity, but I really don’t know what type of business to pursue. I was advised that one of my biggest challenges was finding something I like doing every day.

        In the meantime, we do have to remain strong, and keep the faith!

        Thank you for the advice.

      • Mmm..!! I understand you completely I think! For me it´s almost impossible to have just one job, that is the same all the time! So now my plan is to try to always have two jobs…I think it can work. I think it´s tuff to be Gemini often. To be sincere :S But I think that we must focus on our good sides!! Isn´t part of being Gemini to have a little bad self esteem? I know many Geminis, thats my experience. And we shouldn´t have because Geminis are very popular often! So it´s not fair to ourself! We just have to find our nisch! – and yes thats the problem to find :D

  1. Hej, Va intressant! Jag kan lite om astrologi men mest ytligt. Hade vart kul att få veta mer om venus som du skriver?
    Jättekul med en blogg också, det har jag eftersökt! Hälsningar Johanna

    • Oh va glad jag blir! Mina första kommentarer här på bloggen! :D Jamen jag kan kolla upp vart du har Venus i ditt horoskop ifall du orkar ta reda på vilken tid du är född… Ha en bra vecka! :)

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