Scorpios attraction to the dark side.

fönstret jag


Friday night I spent at my friends house. We where watching a very scary and weird movie. It was something like a psychological /scary/drama independent movie about a teenage girl living with her parents and sister, she has some kind of mental disorder and is obsesses with blood and taking home birds that she finds in the street, carving them up and drinking the blood. She has a passion in surgery and sex overall. She gets along well with her more “normal” sister, but the sister has a dangerous lungdisease and is waiting for an organdonation, so she desides to “help” her sister to fix the problem, mmm…I think you can guess the rest….O.O But it was a very good movie, even if you are not that into blood and weirdness. “Excision” is the name of the movie.

My friend is a a Scorpio ascendant which I think explains a lot her passion for “The dark side of life” Her biggest interrests are very morbid, sexual and psychological movies.(all mixed together in a horrific combination) Those that you cannot find in the common videostore. I actually don´t know where she gets them…

I think she is a good example of what a big role the ascendant has in the personality. Both her and I are Geminis (sunsign) but her Scorpio ascendant is really strong in her personality. Me for example I am a Virgo ascendent (seems like the opposite huh? ;)). Not very surprisingly I´ve worked a lot within the nursingfield.

My Scorpioascendentfriend is now busy preparing her first horrormovie where she is both the director and screenwriter. I´ve found that Scorpios often are very creative…


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