The planets don´t take vacation

gemini girl

Hi! I´ve been a little busy lately. So much going on in May. Both me and my best friend has birthday now in a few days. 2 days between us. 27 and 29 of May. And because I will have a little party here I have to clean a little…:D Virgo Ascendant says –“ woho! Cleaning! My favorite occupation! ” Gemini Sun says – “go to hell” always in conflict those two. But Virgo won this time- so I´ve done some cleaning, with emphasis on some.
I think I will not write as often as before, now in May and June. I´m going to use the Gemini energies that are out there now, to mingle and spread my messages. You should too! This is the best time to socialize! – as I said in the previous post. I don´t want to miss anything!
I also got more horoscope jobs. And an Astrologer can´t take vacation because the planets keep on moving 
Thanks for reading. Come back soon!

Speak your mind and heart! We´re in Gemini.

mercury bild

Hi there! :) Now I suffer from a ”Gemini split again” To have a split personality and knowing that you will probably not get rid of that ever is a horrible feeling. I just have to work on it. The good thing with this is that you can also be extremely adaptable to changes. I think the two goes together somehow. Something else that I appreciate a lot about being a Gemini is that I have a huge stock of different personalities from where I can choose one appropriate for whatever funny situation life puts me in. Yes that´s where the adaptability comes in I guess…sorry today I am very tired. Just writing down random stuff :P
Summer has arrived in Stockholm and that is not an astrological thing but it must be said so that you know that I´m not lazy when I don´t write. It´s just that when you live in a country with only four months of summer you have to try to catch those few sun beams while they are available.
I´ve been thinking about if I should only write informative posts here on the blog or also personal thoughts sometimes. Definitely mainly informative. But I also enjoy being personal, we´ll see…
I have a very dear friend that has been very helpful to me in pointing out misspellings here on the blog. In the previous post there were some really funny ones that I will try to correct this evening. I´m just glad when people help me with the spelling. Jeeesus…now it´s there again the green underscore, so now I´ve done something wrong again..:P
My goal is to write a post here 2-3 times a week. In the Winter I will probably write more :D
I ordered my business cards this weekend so I´m looking forward to receiving them. Also now there is only one weekend left on the Astrology course. Finished for this Semester. I´ve learned so much more! – And I´m happy :D
The Sun has now entered Gemini, actually I would say we have a cluster of planets in Gemini. Jupiter has been there for a long time now but not Mercury and Venus.
Now is really the time to speak your mind! Or should I say speak you heart instead!? Yes! Venus and Mercury in Gemini makes it easier for us to open our heart. Maybe you feel an urge to tell somebody what you really feel. Follow the instinct! There is a great possibility you will get awarded, and the words may come easier to you. Or write it down! Just communicate! Mercury (communication) is in its own sign. It´s also an excellent time to spread messages, to get your message out whatever it might be and to whom it might be. Isn´t it great then that there´s so many parties and celebrations in May and June! (At least here in my little outpost of Scandinavia) Time to mingle!
Look at the picture…I didn´t know that Mercury (the god) had wings on his head also. I think it might mirror the flying and lightweight thoughts of the Gemini spirit. Or the fact that the mind is always free. At least if you´re a Gemini. What do you think?

The Ascendant – Which superpowers came with you earth costume?


The Ascendant (as I wrote about in the previous posts) turned out to be a hot potato. My fellow students and colleges all had something to say about it. Most of them could relate to what I said about the inherent conflict between the Sun and the Ascendant. But it was not only negative things! Of course not…differences and polarities create constructiveness. Without resistance maybe we would just fall asleep. Maybe it is a bit like the squares in the horoscope- the squares put us (hopefully) in to action!
Another brilliant Astrologer Wilhelm Axling explained the Ascendant in a hilarious way (I´ve added my own touch a little)

Something like this:

Imagine that you´re landing on earth , you are just a soul, so you need an “earth costume” to survive. This costume is picked from the wardrobe where you have your birth Ascendant. This costume has all the special tools and qualities that belongs to the sign witch your Ascendant is in. This special designed costume is specially made for your life path and what you have in front of you. Doesn´t it feel so much more positive when you think about it like this? :D You have the best toolbox you can have to get through this life with dignity!
And don´t come and say that the costume with corresponding toolbox doesn´t fit your intentions with life. You have no idea what life has in store for you…
A few examples that I´ve made up myself :

Leo Ascendant got the diva costume. It includes a glitter and glam function that blinds people to that degree that Leo meanwhile takes the chance to take over the world, or at least become the ruler of a small country.

Gemini Ascendant got the speed-of – light and chameleon costume. Gemini can get out of any tricky situation just by changing shape and colour, suddenly melting in to the wall when necessary or becoming a speed racing car (like Barbapapa) when there are no other options then to escape.

Virgo Ascendant of course got the nurse toolbox and costume. And also an analytic and discriminating eye that would make detective Poirot green with envy.

Pisces Ascendant got the smooth operator costume and with that comes the big bleeding sympathetic eyes – very dangerous, can uncover the deepest hidden secrets within anyone. And the worst thing is that it´s impossible to get angry with Pisces or put him or her against the wall. If the bleeding beautiful eyes is not enough weapon against charge Pisces may just dissolve into a drifting fog. Pisces toolbox has similarities with Geminis toolbox.

Thank you Wilhelm for inspiration!
Wilhelms homepage in Swedish

The Ascendant – Let the Sun shine through!


I got an interesting and kind of funny respond on my previous post. :) I have a follower that has a big sense of black humour (also called Saturnian humour among astrologers) if I interpret it correct. Look at the previous post comments.
Basically what she wrote was that her Ascendant is also standing in the way of her Sun. As I wrote in the previous post is my problem. She is a Gemini with Cancer Ascendant and with that combination she´s seen as the nurturing and caring one.
Ok…I was going to tell you about how it feels to be a Virgo Ascendant! Have your tissue prepared because this a martyr story!…:P
I was born a May day for ages ago, when the Sun stood in sociable, mutable, and carefree Gemini. The birds where singing, and so far everything was good. Except! – I got a Virgo Ascendant!:o
The Ascendant for those who don´t know is in Astrology “our face” to the world. How people first see us, and also the open door in to our personality through where we take in the world, according to me.
My Virgo Ascendant is very self critical and has an extremely bad self confidence. This drives my Gemini Sun crazy since Gemini Sun just wants to go for it basically!
I got a lot of responsibility on my shoulders early. Now when I´m a bit older I know that it was far too much for me to handle.
As my Astrology teacher said this is a typical theme for Virgo Ascendants.
Virgo is the sign of hard work and service and I could say that I got my shared part of that yes!

We are born with an Ascendant and for me it feels like the Ascendant is a label we get. A label that we didn’t choose but maybe we got it because we´re supposed to achieve something particular, as I said in the previous post. The Ascendant molds us from early age while the Sun always is struggling to shine through. (Thank you for good description “Ancient Librarian”) We get something that seems to be “tasks” as life is happening. Those tasks don´t leave us unaffected, but I think we must struggle also to let the Sun shine through, otherwise our inner core will die – because the sun IS our core.
I´ve taken care of the sick, listened patiently to those who are desperate and need to talk. I´ve done all those things in favor of the Virgo Ascendant! That’s how I see it (but with a humorous approach since I´m not very gloomy by nature.)
I´ve felt alone (Virgo- the Hermit) I say felt because I think loneliness doesn´t exist – It´s just a feeling
Many times the Ascendant has knocked me to the floor and I´ve wondered: – What´s the use?
But there must be a purpose, mustn´t it? Because that´s what Astrology is all about isn´t it? I ask because I want to know what you think…there are no simple answers in Astrology.
Which challenges have you met through your Ascendant?
(Ps: It´s me in the pic :P)

New shorter horoscope version.

I´ve started producing shorter horoscopes where I focus only on the Sun, Ascendant and Moon. Those three I consider the most important parts of the horoscope. The price is 300 SEK. (3 written pages)
1 hour personal consultation after the horoscope is handed over is included in the price. Consultation happens around two weeks after you´ve received the horoscope, that is because it´s good to process the horoscope mentally before we meet. We go through the horoscope together, and it´s also an opportunity for you to ask questions.
The horoscope is sent over mail.
If you can´t be present for consultation it is possible that we can make it over Skype. The main focus is after all on the written horoscope.
E- mail me if you are interested: Notice that its horoskop and not horoscope in the address, Swedish…
How long it takes to make the horoscope depends as I work with other things also. When you make an order you get a date for delivery.
Any questions just write to me.

Namaste/ Anne Bengtsson

chart of the moment

The Ascendant – Who´s behind that face?


In my Astrology class Virgo ascendant is the most common ascendant. Not so surprising because Leo, Virgo and Libra I think if I remember correct is the most common ascendants in Sweden.
My teacher told us that Virgo ascendants often get the role as the “good girl” or boy in the family and life. That is so true in my case! And I almost got irritated now when I got this verified. Haha. Because for me it feels like I didn´t choose this! – But many Astrologers believe that we choose our parents our self before we are born, and then I´m thinking that it might as well be so that we choose our ascendant and our whole horoscope then also! Or…maybe we get a particular ascendant because we have chosen to achieve something particular in this life. I see the ascendant as a tool in our personality. Because It´s the way people see us and the lens through which we see the world. (ref. the ascendant: Your karmic doorway) We can´t get rid of our ascendant no matter how strong our sun sign is!  If we would like to get rid of it..
How one feels about their ascendant is probably very individual, but for me I´ve felt that it sometimes is standing in the way for my sun. I know this is just an illusion and that I´ve probably just haven’t learned how I can have use of my ascendant in the best way. I´m sure there is a reason and purpose with every single part of the horoscope. For me it feels like the ascendant is a filter in front of the sun. Probably the secret is to integrate the sun and the ascendant in a balanced way, so that they can have use of each other.
The ascendant still have something of a mystery fog surrounding it. And different astrologers have different opinions about it – what it stands for.
Yes for me it often feels like my Virgo ascendant is standing in the way for my Gemini sun. But there are also times when I appreciate to hide behind my Virgo face. I think it’s the Virgo ascendant people see when they describe me as mysterious…something that my Gemini sun is laughing at and calls ridiculous. The Gemini sun is not mysterious at all! – rather it would like to say what´s on its mind all the time! But the Virgo face is standing in the way!:P Not always but many times.

What do you think about this? Is there anybody else out there who´ve also had problems dealing with their ascendant? Do you think your ascendant and sun sign are well integrated?
In the next post I will tell you more about how it feels to be “the good girl” and the achiever. ;) – Virgo ascendant