Uranus – where you break free in your life, and the great awakenings.

galen kvinna

Let me introduce URANUS – The rebellious planet that rules over Aquarius. It is one of my favorite planets. Where in your horoscope you have Uranus will show in which field of life you will have your greatest flashes of intuition, and “wake ups”. You intuition is always in contact with your inner self that knows everything that is good for you. That is what is so fantastic about Uranus. Sudden and dramatic changes in the way you feel about something may be Uranus speaking to you. Uranus may want to “clean out the closet” for you. Too make space for something new in your life. This can be painful sometimes but if it is Uranus speaking to your intuition, then you can be sure it will turn out great!
– The change in your life that you will create.
Aquarius is the sign of independence and boundlessness. Aha- experiences where you feel that suddenly in a flash all pieces make sense together is often Uranus that is active in your life. As with all planets they can go to extremes when the energy is unbalanced, when Uranus have gone to the extremes you can often recognize it as being rebellious just for the sake of being rebellious, restless and erratic behavior.
If you´re afraid of letting go of something you can ask Uranus for courage to make the change

Here I´ve added a birth horoscope with a person that has Uranus in the 4th house. The first symbol that you can see in the 4th house is Uranus. The fourth house represents the family, the one that we´ve grown up in and also the new one that we might create for our self. In Astrology we believe that those two reflects each other to a certain degree.
It is likely to believe that this person with Uranus in the fourth house will have had sudden dramatic changes and illumination in the field of family. Break ups and sudden disclosures might have occurred or will occur. Or maybe this is a person who´ve stepped out from the family in some kind of way, someone who´ve chosen their own independent path…It can be many things. This is a fictive horoscope, not someone I know, but someone born this time and place will have this horoscope…

Julia horoskop<a


5 thoughts on “Uranus – where you break free in your life, and the great awakenings.

  1. Great post, and love your blog!

    I have Uranus in Leo (2nd) house, and keeping a full time job has always been a challenge. However, as I age, it would be a real blessing to have more stability.

    • Wow…seems like we have something in common! I have a cluster of planets in the second house. And among those Saturn, which I think have caused me a lot of trouble in the jobfield. Uranus in 2nd house sounds like somebody who want to be free, not commited to material things maybe?? Hmm..yes it can mean a lot..Sorry for my english if it´s not perfect- I´m Swedish :D

      And…I have searched for stability my whole life I can tell you! I´s like my biggest wish!:D And I never seem to get it. Now when I´ve reached 30 I have kind of accepted the situation in some way I think, and I am better now at creating something good out of it. Have you ever thought about that it might not be in your life purpose to have stability?…;)
      Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback librarian, and keep the faith!! ;)

      • That was all fine and good when I was very young — darting about! But, you are 30, and trust me, as you become older, although it is part of our path to accept, and work with our charts, if we find the method, instability becomes very OLD, as you grow older.

        You will slow down, and smell the roses, and TIRE of the inability to create a stable environment for yourself. I’m lucky that I don’t have children because they need it most.

        I’m Gemini, and at the age of 40, I ran into a very good MENTOR, and she has been helping me work with my chart for many years, on top of what I’ve learned by studying astrology. Her advice is priceless.

      • What do you mean “Instability becomes old” ? Sorry my english is not perfect. I am also Gemini sunsign :) In my case I think my instability has a lot to do with my familybackground, and maybe the Geminisun also :) But maybe instability is not the correct term to discribe it…hmmm, I think I am stable nowdays, just think it is Saturn that is still tormenting me and definitly the moon in 12th house!!

      • In terms of “instability becomes old” — in simple terms, I would appreciate having a stable source of income, instead of the ups and downs of the Uranian rug being pulled from underneath me.

        I am a legal secretary, yet, after many years of juggling financially, and not being able to plan for a better life other than “saving for Uranus to hit me, again,” it has become exhausting keeping up with financial matters.

        I hope my English is clear. If not, let me know.

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