Different elements different ways of thinking. Water versus Air.

yin_yangelementen astrologi

I keep the thread, writing about the elements

The water element: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pishes.

I have a friend that is Pisces, every time she´s gonna explain an event or situation she starts with “Mmm I feel that ********”
Many times and especially in the beginning when we had just met I wondered what she meant with this…Of course I also “feel” things but not this often and not about everything. I´ve realized that she bases her judgement on her feelings. This is typical for watersigns, and for me as an airsign (Gemini) it´s quite unfamiliar. (air is Gemini, Libra and Aquarius)
To base judgement on feelings would for me actually be a quite scary experience, because I wouldn´t trust it! In that sense I think I am a typical Gemini. I use my feelings and intuition more like a complement for my rational thinking
Airsigns – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius base their judgement and opinions on logic and the rational intellect.
Watersigns – Use their intuition and feelings to judge situations and the world in it´s whole.
I keep fire and earth outside this because I feel that water and air has an interesting contrast between them in this case particularly.
Neither way is better then the other it´s just two different ways to absorb the world. The ultimate is probably to use both the intuition, feelings and rational/logic. (This may happen if you have a good mix of all the elements in your horoscope)
Right now in the western world the Yang- energy is dominant, Yang is considered male; rational and logic, those traits are celebrated while Ying- energy is seen as inferior, Intuition and emotions basically. The problem is that the world needs both of those energies to function to the fullest.
The watersigns have a lot of Ying Energy, and the airsigns a lot of Yang.
Luckily most people have a good mixture of the elements in their horoscope so they are made up of both Ying and Yang.
To get back to where I started…If you have a friend that has opposite element of yours dominant, it can sometimes be difficult to understand each other, especially when you´re gonna try to explain your actions, that of course most of the times are based on your dominant element. But you can also learn incredibly much of each other when you are polarities!! But it takes some effort.
Here comes a funny example of how a conversation can turn out when the polarities between water and air becomes very obvious. Or Ying and Yang you could also say.

Between two friends: A is talking about her boyfriend

A. I feel that he doesn´t understand me at all so I kicked him out, now he´s sleeping on his friends couch.
B. Mmm..so you talked about it and he didn´t understand you?
A. Mm…I didn´t make the bed as I usually do and I left all the things on the table when I had
B. But you didn´t talk to him?
A. He knows!
B. How does he know, when you haven´t told him?
A. He must understand! And I also felt that he ignored me.
B. What did he ignore when you didn´t say anything to him?
A. My actions!

Ok I don´t know if this example was brilliant, but As way of thinking is water dominant and B is air dominant. Water tend to act in a more indirect way while air is more outgoing and direct. Two different ways of handling a situation.Two ways of thinking. Notice how A uses the word “felt” two times 

Decisions and judgement can not be based only on the logic, because all humans are made up of emotions, and the outer world should mirror the inner world and not the other way around, otherwise the world will be an awful place to live in, as it already is in many ways and places. The problem is this tradition we have in the western world to see Ying energy as less important and sometimes something to laugh at and make fun off. And also remember that all humans both males and females are made up of both Ying and Yang. We need a balance between Ying and Yang, water and air to be able to use our biggest potential.


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