Air- sign woman – Why they have difficulties with relationships

So to…love! – The neverending subject! Now I got kind of stucked on the subject airpeople, people born within that element – Geminis, Libras, and Aquarians .
But I just have to tell you the latest! I read a very interesting article on a worldpressblogg. It´s about how airsign-girls often have difficulties in being in a relationship…There are both those who doesn’t want it and those who want it but can´t seem to get it!!
Look around among your friends and check their sign and element and you´ll see!
This is why: Air is male in its quality, that means that it´s logical, projecting- trying to shape the world with ideas and thoughts – the opposite to the water and earth signs that are more nurturing and likes to help people more, for example cancer and virgo.
Woman born under an air sign have a lot of what we in this society rate as “male” qualities. Which can be confusing for many people that are not so open minded by nature.
Airsign girls are often seen as dominant by other people who don’t have so much of this element in their horoscope, or they are just raised in a way that they expect woman and men to behave very differently.
Air woman very often wants to make a mark in this world, they are big thinkers, and very outgoing personalities. The issue often starts when they enter a relationship with a man. The man is normally influenced by genderstandards (the girl also) that the girls should be receptive, nurturing, a little bit passive etc.…the problem is that this is basically impossible for airwoman! Airwoman likes to be out there! – to make decisions, discuss ideas with their partner, and to disintegrate every single thought and idea! Can you see how these traits are more “male” in the qualities? If you have ever heard a man complaining about that their woman talk too much it was probably an airwoman!
The airwoman tend to question everything all the time! This is still not completely acceptable in our society, no matter how much we claim that we are so equal. A woman that question everything is often seen as dominant or having a “difficult” personality
Also when the airwoman is looking for a partner she is often attracted to one that has an interesting intellect, she is not the one looking for materialistic things or protection…typical female features. A problem then that often arrives when she finds herself in a relationship is that she after a while becomes more “friend” with her partner then lovers! This can also be confusing for both partners when this is not the way we have been taught that it should be!
Basically what it all comes down to is that an airwoman is a male mind trapped in a female body! Wow…that sound horrible, but no..dont worry, maybe it´s just the best of two worlds  And those girls needs to find a man that appreciate their eversearching and questioning minds. But this IS difficult cause it has been printed in our minds since we were children that girls and boys are different, and should be acting differently. It´s tricky…
Girls of the “Fire”- element could also apply to this cause they are quite similar to air.
This is not the end of this article…more comes
This article was inspired by this one:


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